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Unfair competition and IP law

As experienced litigators in competition, copyright and trademark law, we do everything to protect your company in such a way that disputes do not arise in the first place. If a dispute does arise, we will represent you in connection with cease-and-desists proceedings and with preliminary injunctions or legal actions. The economic interests of the client is always our top priority.

Competition can be tough


We know the rules of fair play, which every company has to observe when competing with others. We explore the possibilities available to you within the legal limits of fair competition. We help you to understand what you have to consider in your advertising, which obligations you have in labelling your products or which pitfalls to avoid, especially in online business.

Unfair competition laws enable companies to take action against unfair behaviours of competitors, for example for misleading advertising. This applies at all distribution levels, including, for example, between traders and manufacturers.

Should your company come into the focus of competitors, public authorities or consumer associations, we will support you out of court or in court.


The right brand strategy


How you make your brand known and place it in the market is not only a question of communication and advertising, but also of a good legal brand strategy. With long experience in the areas of strategic trademark consulting, trademark registration and the defence of intellectual property rights in court, we can offer you the best possible protection for your trademarks.

We have the expertise in the registration and placement of trademarks within and outside the EU. We also assist in the acquisition and sale of trademarks or trademark portfolios.


Company names, trade names and title rights


The protection of intangible assets is not only provided by registered IP rights such as a trademark or design right, which we register, enforce or defend on your behalf. Other rights, such as rights to company names, trade names, book or magazine titles or domain anmes are also of considerable importance for companies. When advising and representing clients, for example in transactions, we always pay comprehensive attention to the portfolio of registered and unregistered intellectual property rights in order to protect your intellectual property effectively.

Legal protection: fast and effective


​Urgent proceedings are critical in unfair competition and IP disputes. In addition to speed and precision, judicial proceedings require a great deal of tact and sensitivity in the enforcement and defence of rights.

We know the procedural instruments as well as the specialised courts, so that we can provide our clients with a precise picture of the probable course and prospects of success of legal proceedings right from the initial beginning of a conflict.

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