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Growing together

Professional legal advice is and remains a people business. We are an attractive service provider for our clients because we are easily accessible, and are able to respond flexibly and personally to our clients’ requirements. Our clients are mostly mid-sized businesses and large enterprises who hire us for tasks that do not depend upon the size of the team, but where specific expertise and direct personal contact is of great importance.

For the ambitious


We would like to be outstanding personal advisors for our clients that convince with experience, prudence and creativity, and create lasting trust. These are the reasons why personality and experience matter most to us. Experience not only with solving legal problems, but also in interacting and communicating with clients. If you have several years of experience with an international law firm, you would like to strengthen or broaden our capabilities, and you are keen to take responsibility for your own and our joint success, we should talk. Please contact us by phone or e-mail. Naturally, we will treat your inquiry with confidentiality.


For the curious


As a legal trainee or during your studies, you have the opportunity to work with us. Please contact us by e-mail if you are interested.

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