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IT Projects

Every company’s IT department is constantly moving, as sourcing IT services is a perpetual challenge. The principle conflict of objectives remains the same. On the one hand, standardization should be used as much as possible to optimize costs. On the other hand, over-standardization should be avoided as it could sweep away distinctive competitive advantages. Due to the number of technical, operational and commercial details, larger IT projects are some of the most demanding tasks for drafting contracts and legal project management. As far as the customer side is concerned, we ensure that IT projects get off to a good start.

Cloud services


The cloud solution market is extremely fast growing. In particular, providers of CRM and HR solutions are gaining very substantial market share as office applications become cloud based. More than with classical IT projects, cloud services require data protection issues to be resolved at the time of sourcing in order to avoid difficulties during implementation or roll-out. While large cloud service providers run their software in dedicated data centres, those data centres are often located outside the EU, and international access by administrators, development and support teams is the rule rather than the exception. This generally requires extensive contractual documentation and a compliance assessment with regard to following employee and customer data protection rules and the keeping of company business secrets. We can help you securely follow this development.


Classical IT projects


Though increasing numbers of applications are moving into the cloud, classical development and implementation projects remain a standard part of the IT portfolio in many companies. There is a particular need for this project type in relation to legacy systems. We can analyse project goals and risks with you, and transform them into robust agreements.


Software & licensing


Software licensing is becoming more complex. The provision of software through the internet raises a number of new questions regarding the scope of the product, the availability of the software, and possible safeguards regarding the insolvency risk of the provider. Other important issues include future compatibility with changes in internal needs, or the use of the software in new markets. More flexible licensing and revenue models might unexpectedly increase dependence on the provider and make cost planning difficult. We can assist you in assessing available licensing models and options, and in using the flexibility of new solutions to your advantage.


IT and public procurement


Public authorities are more dependent on themselves for running and operating their IT systems, and the modernization of public IT infrastructures appears to be a never-ending task. We are familiar with IT projects in a public environment. We have personal experience in advising various public authorities and publicly-owned companies on important IT projects. This includes, for example, ERP projects, the procurement of development services for a billing platform, or the signing of framework agreements for IT consulting services. We can advise on the basis of the governmental standard conditions for the purchasing of IT services in their various forms ("EVB-IT"), or particularly on the basis of bespoke agreements for publicly-owned enterprises or sectoral contracting authorities.


IT in corporate transactions


There is no company without an IT department, and as a result, no corporate transaction where IT is not an important issue. Within the framework of our transaction consulting, we can provide you with legal advice regarding the reorganization of your IT agreements, the distribution of your IT services, or the implementation of transitional solutions and the addressing of licensing issues.

Programmed for change


​The challenge of IT projects is the constant change of technology. As in no other business, it is necessary to anticipate future developments from a contractual standpoint, and be prepared for constant change and adjustment. We can help you build a sustainable contractual framework for your IT that will serve you into the future. And we can maintain an overview of all of the project details and put them together in a flexible, comprehensive contract.

Issues   Cloud computing ● Software as a Service (SaaS) ● Platform as a Service (PaaS) ● Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) ● Application as a Service (AaaS) ● Cloud security • Data management ● Virtualization ● Server virtualization ● Storage virtualization ● Desktop virtualization ● E-mail management ● Procurement of IT infrastructure ● Hardware ● Server systems ● Client systems ● Mobile devices ● Printer ● Peripheral devices ● Networks ● Connectivity ● Internet ● Unified communications ● Video conferencing ● Housing ● Hosting ● Software ● Development Agreement ● Implementation ● Customizing ● ERP implementation ● Licensing ● Distribution models ● Development of license models ● Software maintenance ● Copyright ● Source code ● Escrow ● Open source ● Data base rights ● IT public procurement ● EVB-IT ● Web developments ● Social web ● IT management ● Application management ● Mobile computing ● Mobile platforms ● Data protection ● IT security ● Business intelligence ● Data mining ● Outsourcing ● Encryption

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