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Internet of Things (IoT) & Telematics

The Internet of things has clearly begun. As a business, you face the task of combining and integrating infrastructure, communication, services, contents, data and devices into a single, comprehensive service for private or business users. We can help you manage the contractual network with your suppliers and service providers, and ensure data protection compliance.

Integration of services


Telematics services require the integration of different services and products: mobile connectivity, internet services, data bases and web portals, call centers, content and data services, payment services and mobile devices. The various components are offered by many different providers and need to be available as cross-border services. We can help you coordinate and align the necessary agreements, allocate responsibilities, define contractual interfaces between different providers, and contractually secure appropriate end-to-end services. To enable you to provide your customers with one integrated product or service.


Data protection and trade secrets


Data protection is a core issue of telematics services and a huge challenge. A multitude of companies are regularly involved in contributing to the end product. Each of them comes in contact with user data and has an interest in using and evaluating "its part" of the data. We can help you comply with data protection requirements, exploit the potential of your data, and protect your business secrets.


The customer side


The provisioning of telematics services not only requires the integration of technical services, but also the translation of the end product into appropriate and easy to understand terms and conditions for your customers. We can draft the appropriate Ts&Cs for you that allow you to operate your business model and protect your commercial interests while marketing your product in the best possible way.

Internet of Things and Big Data

The Internet of things and big data have become a reality. There are already numerous examples. Logistics services combine product information and geolocation data, thereby allowing the tracking and tracing of shipments. Electro vehicles provide numerous information services to optimize a car’s usage for its users, to improve the planning of charging stations, or to allow fleet customers to plan their usage. None of this would be possible without telematics services or big data applications. We can help you take the next step.

Issues Telematics ● Traffic telematics ● Fleet management ● Vehicle tracking ● Connected cars ● Telematics tariffs (Insurance) ● eCall ● Facility management ● Medical telematics ● Security telematics ● Geolocation ● Navigation systems ● Navigation services ● Satellite communication ● GNSS telecommunication ● Internet ● Near Field Communication ● Cloud services ● Connectivity

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