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Data Protection

Data management has become a core function of enterprises. We are most familiar with German and European data protection laws, and can securely navigate you through the legal requirements.

Data protection compliance


Compliance with data protection laws is an important part of your company's overall legal compliance. We can provide advice regarding the adherence to privacy rules in your daily business, and in relation to agreements with IT service or outsourcing providers. We have particular expertise in an international context, and with data transfer to countries outside the EU. We can conduct data protection audits and assist in handling possible violations, or data loss and unintended disclosure. We can talk to data protection authorities on your behalf, and safeguard your rights vis-à-vis third parties.


Optimize the use of your customer data


For consumer-oriented businesses, the collection and use of customer data is a core enterprise function. We can help you use your customer data to improve your products and services, and for advertising or marketing purposes - always in compliance with the applicable legal framework.


Doing it right with employee data


There are two aspects of data protection in relation to employees. The first is the compliance of the company with relevant laws when handling and administering employee data in connection with its HR functions. The second involves advising and training employees in the handling of company or customer data as part of their job. We can help you with both.


Data protection in transactions


Strategic, operational or simply tax considerations are often the key drivers of company transactions. We can help you structure your transactions in a way that will ensure the optimized use of your data under new circumstances once the transaction is closed.


Data protection and internal investigations


We have extensive experience regarding the data protection aspects of internal investigations. We can help you structure your internal investigation in a way that it is compliant with data protection laws. This includes compliance with specific secrecy obligations and sector-specific data protection regimes, such as telecommunication secrecy, bank secrecy or medical confidentiality. We know the technical issues, and we are experienced in working together closely with auditors and forensic service providers.


Support and training regarding data protection


We ensure data protection compliance in your company and are available as a permanent contact for supporting your employees in all data protection matters. We conduct trainings for employees regarding the company data protection issues.

Possibly your most important asset

Data protection is not only a matter of legal compliance with privacy laws. The protection of business secrets and related competitive advantages is as important as the protection of customers’ and employees’ personal data. Data is a product and a currency at the same time. We can help you ensure the legal protection of your data and make sure that you benefit from its optimized use.

Issues  Data protection laws ● Implementing a data protection organization ● Processing of personal data ● Handling of special (sensitive) data ● Data processing agreements ● Audit and control of data processing arrangements ● Technical and organizational measures ● Information and inspection rights ● Information obligations ● Handling of data loss events and related information obligations ● Data protection officer ● Prior checking of data processing ● Pseudonymisation ● Anonymisation ● Data protection authorities ● Data protection audits ● Data protection compliance ● Data protection violations ● Administrative fines ● Customer data protection ● Direct marketing ● E-mail marketing ● Double-opt-in ● Single-opt-in ● Direct mailing ● Telephone marketing ●Robinson lists ● Online Behavioural Advertising / Predictive Behavioural Marketing ● Scoring ● Profiling ● Address brokerage ● Warning letters ● International data transfer ● Employee data protection ● Applicant data ● Employee records ● E-learning ● Resource and talent management ● Employee training ● Technical surveillance ● Video surveillance ● Employee localization ● E-mail usage ● Social media usage ● Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) ● Co-determination ● Factory agreements / collective agreements ● ITC agreements ● Employee consent ● Transparency ● Intra-group data transfer ● Big Data ● Data warehouse ● Data mining ● Screening ● Scoring ● Fraud Detection ● Internal investigations ● International data transfer ● EU standard contractual clauses ● Privacy Shield (EU / Switzerland), invalidty of ● Binding Corporate Rules ● Controller to Controller ● Controller to Processor ● EU data protection reform

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