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Technology Projects

Technology projects require curiousity, an obsession with detail, and experience. Only if you understand the technical and commercial interconnections, you will be able to create the appropriate contractual framework for a project. We take this on as a new challenge every day. We have collected experience with a broad range of technology projects: satellite services, cloud computing, security facilities for airports, banking platforms, control systems for rail traffic, mobile networks or telematics systems for truck fleets. These are just some examples of where we were personally involved in helping companies achieve their goals.

Always changing


Perhaps the most outstanding feature of technology projects is the ever-changing technical and commercial environment. This constant change means that for any legal advice, there is usually no standard way to solve the issues, no court decisions, and no special laws that might be available that deal with the specifics of the new technology, the technical solution, or its related business model. In this situation, your advisor needs to be uniquely qualified to provide you with clear guidance with regard to your legal questions. We would not merely provide you with standard answers, but be as innovative as your products are.


Full of details


Another attribute of technology projects is usually the sheer number of technical and commercial details that need to be considered and reflected in the contract. This is a real challenge for effective legal project management. In particular, in larger contract projects it is an absolute must to have a process in place ensuring that the various requirements, changing service descriptions, comments and results agreed to during the negotiations will be adequately reflected in the contract documentation. You also need to set clear priorities in relation to the negotiation agenda and issues if you want to be able to get the deal done in time. We know what matters and can help you to collect the relevant information to prepare and conduct the contract negotiations. And while keeping track of the details for you, we always look at the big picture and the commercial deal behind the contract.


Intellectual Property


The provision and exchange of technology requires that the parties involved agree on the rules for the use of any IP, know-how, information or data. Setting the rules for their usage will often be a matter of risk allocation and determining the room to manoeuvre when it comes to the further commercialization of the technology. When negotiating these rules, it is key to have a clear understanding of the parties' technological and commercial interests, and to work with legal precision to demarcate the parties' different rights and obligations. We can look back at a long track record of designing and negotiating usage and licensing arrangements.

What makes technology projects so special?


If you want to successfully use new technologies for your business, you will need to understand opportunities and risks, and align your behavior accordingly in relation to your suppliers, customers and partners. We can help you to find the right legal response to new developments, products and solutions. We can take you in new directions.

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