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We work for clients in a variety of different sectors. In particular, technology-related sourcing projects are not a sector specific issue. Nevertheless, our clients have something in common: for very different reasons, they need flexibility and personal advice. From legal advisors that take responsibility and work on their projects with dedication and commitment.

  • Mid-sized businesses

    As a mid-sized business, you might have a domestic focus - nevertheless you are subject to international competition. Your goods and services come to a large extent from international sources, you are part of an international group, or you take part in international tenders and procurement procedures, or you collaborate with international partners. For these issues, you need an internationally experienced legal advisor who directly and reliably works with your project managers, supports your team autonomously, and works in a cost-conscious way. Under those circumstances, we are an ideal partner for you. We are a small unit, with the longstanding domestic and international experience of a major law firm. We offer personal advice and are directly and easily accessible to your team members. At a reasonable rate.

  • Large enterprises

    As a large enterprise, you have to constantly cope with a multitude of legal issues, and you have a strong legal department that takes fully care of your core business and sector-specific issues - better than an external advisor could. Only for special tasks, or for covering peak loads and moments of scarce resources you engage external legal advice. Not all of the relevant projects are of a size that would require a big law firm or a large team of lawyers. In particular, for smaller and mid-sized projects, we are able to contribute our specific experience and expertise at an attractive rate. We do this for a number of large companies. And we would be happy to do so for you as well.

  • Legal department

    You are the client behind the client, and you need advisors that work exactly to your requirements and instructions, as providers of external legal expertise, or as project leads who assume responsibility for a project with the least possible management effort for you, and report to you appropriately. Between these two extremes, there are certainly additional forms of collaboration. In any event, time and budget are two very important factors when you hire external advisors. You expect pragmatic, directly usable answers for complex legal issues. We can assure you that you will not experience any unpleasant surprises. We are very specialized, and work exclusively in areas where we are convinced that we add value to our client's business.

  • Contracting authorities

    You are a public authority, a publicly owned enterprise or a sectoral contracting authority, and you need support regarding public procurement and contract law for sourcing projects that go beyond your everyday procurement projects. You expect your advisor to have internalized your public accountability, and support you in responsibly dealing with public resources. We have the necessary experience in public procurement and in the neighbouring area of public commercial law.

  • Law firms

    You need additional expertise regarding technology-related issues in the fields of public procurement, IP or data protection. As we see ourselves as a very specialized law firm, we are happy to work together with other law firms and make our expertise available. Whether we are more engaged in the background or as part of an integrated team, the decision is up to you. Because of our years of experience working in a large firm, we are used to working on national or international teams that are constantly changing. We can help you provide your clients with integrated and seamless legal services.

  • Foreign companies doing business in Germany

    You are an international player that is extending your commercial activities into Germany and, for example, you intend to participate in a public procurement process or private tender offer. Or you are about to enter into a partnership in Germany. You need an expert in commercial contracts, technology projects or public procurement that also understands your particular needs as a foreign company. We have broad experience with foreign companies that would like to do business in Germany without having an own presence here. We understand the particular requirements and your internal explanation needs as far as the legal framework and the market customs and practices in Germany are concerned, and can help you assess the opportunity in view of your own standards.

A matter of trust

What do a publically owned bank, an oil company, a car manufacturer and a mid-sized industrial business have in common? The simple answer is: They entrust us with their projects! When buying a telematics solution, procuring complex services, organizing their data protection or outsourcing. Or when they simply want to have a smaller problem solved quickly.