Our competences

We support you in relation to your commercial projects and your ongoing business with specialized legal advice. Our focus areas are technology, intellectual property, public procurement and sourcing projects. We have broad range of experience in these areas.

Commercial Projects

We can advise you in the strategy, planning and realization of commercial projects. Whether vertically, along your value chain. Or horizontally, in relation to different forms of partnerships. We can help you transform demanding operational and commercial requirements into robust contractual arrangements.


Technology projects require curiosity, an obsession with detail, and experience. Only if you understand the technical and commercial interconnections, you will be able to create the appropriate contractual framework for a project. We take this on as a new challenge every day, and have collected experience with a broad range of technology projects.

Public Procurement

We have some of the highest expertise in public procurement and can advise you regarding all aspects of German and European public procurement law. We combine in-depth legal knowledge with comprehensive experience in conducting public procurement procedures.

Outsourcing / Offshoring

Outsourcing and Offshoring are important management instruments. This has also been true for medium-sized businesses. The standardization of processes, the scalability of services and their cost advantages are important drivers. We can help you with expert advice to achieve your long-term outsourcing or offshoring transaction goals.

IT Projects

Every company’s IT department is constantly moving, as sourcing IT services is a perpetual challenge. Due to the number of technical, operational and commercial details, larger IT projects are some of the most demanding tasks for drafting contracts and legal project management. As far as the customer side is concerned, we ensure that IT projects get off to a good start.


The Internet of things has clearly begun. As a business, you face the task of combining and integrating infrastructure, communication, services, contents, data and devices into a single, comprehensive service for private or business users. We help you manage the contractual network with your suppliers and service providers, and ensure data protection compliance.

Data Protection

Data management has become a core function in the enterprise. We are most familiar with German and European data protection laws, and can securely navigate you through the legal requirements.


Corporate transactions have always had an impact on operational business, and on the various service relationships between group members and third parties. Small and mid-cap transactions also need to have the right approach to reorganize these relationships. We work with broad know-how on technology and transaction sourcing issues. We will take care of things for you.